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Starting January First 2009 this community will begin a weight loss challenge. I know that to me competition is a very strong motivator, and if you're here it probably is for you too. Here's how this competition will work.

  • There is a sign up post here where you can express your interest in participating in the challenge.
  • On January 1st there will be a starting weight post where all contenders must post their starting weight.
  • Each week there will be a weigh in post where you will post your weigh in.
  • The person who loses the highest percentage of their body weight will be that months winner!

  • The winner will get a nifty championship banner to place in their profile.
  • Hopefully this challenge will continue on month by month through 2009 and maybe even beyond

  • This community promotes HEALTHY weight loss community, we are not pro-ana or pro-crash diets!
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    Dec. 30th, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
    a suggestion
    Reading over the rules, I only have one concern. Everyone has a different body type and everyone is trying to lose a different amount of weight.

    I am fairly slim at the moment and very close to my goal. I don't think it would be healthy for me to lose a big percentage of my body weight. At most, I'd like to lose 15 pounds, but I'd be happy with 10.

    Would it be possible to reward folks for pounds lost? That way, it wouldn't matter where you started. Make sense?


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