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January Final Weigh-In

hi guys, I'm really sorry about the confusion I should have posted a reminder. The last week actually ends today, because it's the last day of January!

Eating Points[.5 a day//max 4.5]:
Exercise Points[.5 a day//max 4.5]:

I'll let you post results till 1 pm PST tomorrow since I'm so late, and then I'll post the winners and a weigh in post for February!

  • If you already posted your stats, I'll use those if you don't post in this thread, but there are more potential points since the week is longer so you might want to post in this one.

  • If you want to keep going in the February competition just say so here and I'll use your January ending weight as your February starting weight.
  • hi

    I think i'm running late on posting this but yesterday was my birthday so i was a little busy

    my name is cassie
    newly 22
    and weighing in at 186 lbs
    at a height of 5'4"
    my goal is 135 lbs
    so its a 51 lb deal i'm trying to under take
    the gym is a must 3 times a week
    and the calories for the day can range from 1200-1500
    so yeah thats my deal.
    Just a quick reminder.

    All weigh-in posts will be members only so make sure you're a member of the community, not just watching, if you'd like to participate. Thanks!


    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all your input! It seems like the majority likes the points plan better, but then runawayxgirlx brought up a great point, why not have two winners every month? So we will have an overall weight loss winner(by percentage of body weight lost), and a points winner.

    So here's how points will work:
    .5 point for each day you follow your eating plan (whether it be calories or a meal plan)
    .5 point for each day you exercise
    1 point for each pound lose (up to 2 points a week)

    I decided to keep points only counting for the first two pounds each week since we are having a winner for just weight loss as well.

    Each week you will post your weigh-in along with your point totals for the week. All weigh in posts will be friends only, but as for personal posts I don't mind if they're not. Whichever you prefer for those.

    Let me know if you have any other concerns, and I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday! Can't wait to start on the first!

    Pounds or Points?

    Hey guys! I'm so excited that there's this many people already interested. Some people have brought up concerns though about it being a straight up whoever loses the most weight wins competition. Since all of you want to participate already I wouldn't want to just switch it up on you, so I've come up with two different plans on how this competition could be run and I'd like your input.

    Plan One:

    Whoever largest percentage of their body weight wins.

    Plan Two:

    Whoever gets the most points in a month wins.

    You would get:

    .5 point for each day you eat within your calorie limit
    .5 point for each day you exercise
    1 point for each pound lose (up to 2 points a week)

    With this plan I would just have everyone post how many points they got in each category each day.

    So I'd love to hear which way you want this competition to go.

    Also, feel free to post in the community about anything on topic both before and during the competition :]

    Sign Up!

    Post here if you are interested in participating in our weight loss challenge for the month of January!

    On January first you will be asked to post your starting weight, you have until midnight PST (that's 9pm EST) to submit your weight or you will forfeit your spot in the January competition.

    Introductory Post


    Starting January First 2009 this community will begin a weight loss challenge. I know that to me competition is a very strong motivator, and if you're here it probably is for you too. Here's how this competition will work.

  • There is a sign up post here where you can express your interest in participating in the challenge.
  • On January 1st there will be a starting weight post where all contenders must post their starting weight.
  • Each week there will be a weigh in post where you will post your weigh in.
  • The person who loses the highest percentage of their body weight will be that months winner!

  • The winner will get a nifty championship banner to place in their profile.
  • Hopefully this challenge will continue on month by month through 2009 and maybe even beyond

  • This community promotes HEALTHY weight loss community, we are not pro-ana or pro-crash diets!
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